Quantitative Methods for Managers

Type: Compulsory | ECTS: 7.5

Course aim and description

The aim of the course is to provide Master's students with the knowledge and skills required to apply appropriate quantitative methods in business decision-making.

Decision-making is vital to the survival of businesses, and executives who want to succeed, one of the talents they must develop is decision-making. Decision-making is a human process, and to the extent that it is made under conditions of uncertainty, decisions require human judgment. Sometimes, this judgment can be based on learning from past experience. For most simple decisions, this is sufficient. However, with increasing uncertainty and/or an increasing number of independent variables, decisions become more complex and intuitive judgments become less reliable. In this case, reliable methods and tools are needed to help make the wisest decisions among alternative courses of action.

In the context of the course, the concept of decision, the conditions under which decisions are made and the quantitative techniques and tools used will be developed. In addition, developing and solving real business problems will enable students to formulate relevant business problems in a logical way and know when and how to apply appropriate quantitative methods when making business decisions. 

Managerial Economics and Entrepreneurship

Type: Compulsory | ECTS: 7.5

Course aim and description

This course aims

a) At a multidimensional interconnection of Economics with Business Administration through the decision-making process. The aim of this course is to help students be able to make and implement business decisions with the help of financial models, methods and tools.

The business world needs executives who are flexible, who understand the fundamentals of business, who can think in different ways and who can respond positively to change. Understanding Economics will help in this direction and generally in the complete understanding of the possibilities and limits of economic methodologies and how they can affect business behaviour.

The objective of the course is to familiarize participants with basic entrepreneurial knowledge and mindset following the life cycle of a business venture from idea to implementation.

b) At providing students with an essential insight into best practices and risks of modern entrepreneurship and the knowledge and skills required to start up and operate a new business in the modern era. 

During the course, students will appreciate the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship and understand the factors that are relevant to the success of a business, in newly established or existing business units with emphasis on small and medium-sized enterprises.

Marketing Management

Type: Compulsory | ECTS: 5.0

Course aim and description

The aim of the course is to enforce students to gain an analytical understanding of the role of Marketing in the strategy and operation of businesses. Moreover, to gain an experience in how the basic concepts and principles of marketing are adapted in the context of a business in order to develop the link between customers and the business and how the knowledge of the necessary tools, functions and frameworks for shaping the strategic development of the marketing mix is applied with the aim of conquering purchase.

Marketing is the basic function within a business as it provides the appropriate context through which businesses respond to the needs and desires of consumers. Strategic management of tools and strategies is a challenge for businesses. The course offers all the necessary knowledge for the planning, implementation and control of market conquest strategies

The subject matter of the course includes 4 main sections: 1) Marketing environment and operations, 2) Marketing Mix creation and management, 3) Marketing strategy planning and 4) New Trends and challenges in Marketing and business. The course will be organized based on the philosophy of Marketing with application to businesses and with the aim of deepening the knowledge and developing skills of the students. 

Managing Individuals and Organizations

Type: Compulsory | ECTS: 5.0

Course aim and description

The aim of the course is to help participants gain an in-depth understanding of the factors that influence the way individuals behave at work and, accordingly, individual, team and organisational performance.

The course focuses on the human dimension of management science by studying the basic foundations of Organizational Behavior that are important for understanding and managing the attitudes and behaviors of people as individuals and groups within organizations. Participants are asked to reflect on theory in relation to practice in order to understand both their own work behaviour and that of the people they work with or manage, in order to be able to select and implement appropriate practices to achieve positive organisational outcomes.

Operations Management

Type: Compulsory | ECTS: 5.0

Course aim and description

The aim of the course is to present and analyze the concepts, tools and applications in the field of Operations Management. Upon successful completion, students will be able to apply the basic tools with which various organizations produce their products and offer their services.

The course provides basic theoretical principles and real practices that are used in modern companies in order to offer products and provide services, so that every organisation is effective in relation to its plans and goals. Various case studies and practical examples are analysed on areas that concern the operations management discipline, such as Forecasting, Inventory Control, Supply Chain Management, Lean Manufacturing, Scheduling and Plant Location.

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